Nuestras vaquetillas con descuentos fresquitos ❄️

Vaquetillas de calidad a precios excelentes. Grosores desde 1.0 mm a 5.5 mm

Vegetable Tanned Vaquetilla

Large sizes perfect for belts, briefcases, saddlebags, armor,... and all kinds of handicrafts such as engravings, embossing, dyes, etc...

Todas las herramientas con descuentos veraniegos 🍹

Descuentos refrescantes en todas las herramientas para aguantar mejor este calor

Leather cleaning and care

Keep your leather like the first day...

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The sale of skins is as old as the human being itself. For as long as we know of, civilization as we know it began to cover up to protect itself from the cold and inclement weather. Hence, buying leather is not exactly a whim, it is rather a necessity.

And for this reason, at La Tendeta del Cuero we offer a completely complete online store for the sale of leather, tools and accessories to cover each of your needs. If you have any doubts, get ready and continue with us, because you are going to discover a huge catalog that not only stands out for the quantity, but also for the fantastic quality of the material that we offer at a very reasonable price for all budgets.

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Sale of high quality leather

In the leather sales catalog of our online store you will find a huge variety of possibilities for any type of need and budget.

For example, you can opt for the pieces of skin . Sometimes buying pieces or loose skins is very necessary for a specific job. Perhaps decoration, repairs, small projects, initiation to leather crafts, crafts, furniture, etc.

In our online store you can buy pieces of leather of all kinds of size and thickness. And of course, in any quality and material. You will have items for all tastes, from suede or goat to lamb, suede and calf. And don't forget the beef, the patent leather, the engravings and fantasies, etc...

Sale of tools and accessories for leather of all kinds

You can also buy tools and accessories to work leather of all kinds . We are your trusted online store and we offer you a wide variety of products for your leather projects.

Are you interested in split leather ? Have no doubt that you have come to the right place. We offer top quality for an ideal material for falconry, leather goods, work gloves, bags, decoration, accessories, footwear... In other words, items for daily use in many different tasks.

Also find a wide variety of cow skins for sale online . You can get various types such as nubuck, calfskin or oiled. All of them are always necessary for leather goods, upholstery, fashion, …. First quality within your reach of an ideal material for crafts, decoration, accessories and ornaments, footwear and bags and even for livestock.

buy leather online

If you are looking for an online store selling skins and tools, you have come to the right place. We have a wide catalog of engraved cowhide , which is used in all types of work, from decoration and accessories, to the most daring designs in footwear and bags.

You can also choose to buy fur , always pleasant to the touch and ideal for ornaments, various crafts and decoration.

Just like selling goatskins online , which are also fantastic for various tasks and jobs. Not to mention the clothing skins . Looking to create stylish vests, jackets, gloves, pants and other clothing items with a touch of class? Do not forget that this material can never be missing in your cutting workshop.

Do you like horse skin ? Give your products a touch of elegance with this versatile, beautiful and durable leather.

Suppliers of skins, tools and accessories of all kinds

You have already verified that to buy leather, tools and accessories, our store is the best. And that we have not yet finished with the enormous offer. Because if you are looking to make elegant clothes, but at the same time durable and healthy, pigskin is the one you need. Did you know that orthopedic footwear is designed and manufactured with it? Well yes, in the same way as linings, bags, interiors and even various types of crafts. They are breathable and hypoallergenic skins.

You can also buy top quality cowhide skins , which are highly required in crafts, footwear and livestock.

But if what you are looking for is to give a particularly distinguished touch, you have to buy fantasy leather . Offer that extra point in your ornaments, bags and fashion accessories that make them stand out from the rest.

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